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EU-OSHA’s website offers access to more than a hundred publications on dangerous substances, ranging from factsheets on basic topics to comprehensive reports (e.g. on reprotoxic substances and carcinogens) and encyclopaedic OSHwiki articles, which can be found in the section ‘Dangerous substances’.

During the Healthy Workplaces Campaign 2018-19 on dangerous substances many of these publications are being updated and amended, and new publications and new formats are being added.

Campaign infosheets inform the user about basic and priority actions for managing dangerous substances. Infographics are used to bring the most important facts and figures to life. Updated and new OSHwiki articles enlarge and improve the coverage provided by the OSHwiki section on dangerous substances.

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This info sheet provides an overview of the legislative framework on dangerous substances in workplaces in the European Union, with an emphasis on three European directives: OSH Framework Directive, Chemical Agents Directive (CAD) and the Carcinogens and Mutagens Directive (CMC).

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This report looks into relevant occupational factors: chemical, physical and biological exposures, as well as other possibly carcinogenic working environment conditions (such as shift and night work). It also examines opportunities to identify new causes or promoters of cancer. It also includes a short description of exposure assessment tools and some new approaches designed to assess and help prevent occupational cancer risks.See more

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If you work in a hairdressers or beauty salon then you will be working with hazardous substances on a daily basis. This report describes the risks faced by hairdressers and outlines what action is being taken within the EU to both protect workers and develop an integrated approach to safety and health in this sector.See more

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As 3D printing is a relatively new industry, not much is known about the possible impact on safety and health at work.

This expert review provides a brief introduction to 3D printing and examines the risks involved in it.

The reader will be left with a better understanding of the...See more

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